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Artificial Intelligence 

What interest for you ?

Our artificial intelligence engines connect with your data to produce analyzes and findings.

  • Generate more turnover

  • Reduce risks

  • Improve the profitability of your business

  • Optimise yield of production lines

How to communicate with the machine ?

  • First, you need to define your "natural language"

  • The software will then create its "own world" by absorbing your semantics, to adapt to your environment.

  • The software will create its contextual intelligence. It will read your databases and extract performance indices and Key Value Indicators (KPIs) from them  

  • The software will guide you in managing your excellence by providing you with a list of tasks to be performed by your employees in order to achieve the desired target.



  • Mission 1: Check the compliance of employment contracts; compare your employees' contracts with French employment regulations

  • Mission 2 : Comply with GDPR, compare GDPR rules with your company's data


  • Mission 1 : Increase the profitability of an automotive production line

  • Mission 2 : Improve the “yield management.” of an airline for a number of specified routes


  • Mission 1 : For a large media group, avoid the termination of monthly customer subscriptions, study of user behaviors.

  • Mission 2 : Improve search engine advertising targeting


  • Mission 1 : Identify the 500 most risky credit lines in a bank, taking into account the parameters required by the customer.

How does it work ?

The software solutions we target use contextual intelligence. They are based on:

  • Artificial intelligence, i.e. the combination of several technologies in order to assess, analyze and take action [or even to learn from itself, with or without any human involvement].

  • Semantics, i.e. reading the meanings [of words], their mental representation..

Artificial intelligence solutions increase the efficiency of your operations and organizational flows. UBCOM optimizes the consumption of your resources to produce the desired result..