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"Our software CYBERMANAGER and our "UBCOM Corporate Hackers" troublemakers are able to generate a cyber-security strategy, tailored to your company’s needs in less than 2 hours. 

And if you wish we can even implement it !


A know-how designed and operated by UBCOM

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"UBCOM deals with information technologies, Legal/standards and change management, necessary to help Men with digital transformation activities.

IT Transformation

Digital Transformation

Constat :

Before implementing an ERP, a DAM, a CMS, let alone Cloud computing it is necessary to rationalise the IT system!


Savoir-faire :

  • Building workflows,

  • identifying where applications belong,

  • defining the appropriateness of the target infrastructure,

  • consolidating the mapping of the network

  • managing ERP migration

Cloud Computing



Change Mgmt

Constat :

We know how to manage the knock on effects when an IT system moves to the Cloud. Never start an IT transformation project without at least 2 independent opinions. From a financial point of view the results will always be surprising..

Savoir-faire :

  • Technical and contractual reversibility

  • The quality of client service

  • The legal implications of performance and quality measurement

  • The subjective element of added value

  • The unintended, but nevertheless considerable, requirement for change management that the Cloud provokes both in IT and amongst internal customers

  • Building workflows

  • Identifying where applications belong

  • Consolidation the mapping of the network

  • Managing ERP migration

  • Technical debt

SOX Compliance

Constat :

For UBCOM the requirement for internal controls should be an incentive to improve financial performance. 

Savoir-faire :

UBCOM is SOX certified by KPMG Risk Advisor Dept., New York (404 Act. United States of America) and advises international businesses on SOX governance.

  • Experts in operational guidelines starting with

    • IT Clean Control

    • Right up to the drafting and implementation of governance procedures.

  • Implement procedures in a way that respects departmental identity.

  • Assist with the preparation for the annual audit

  • Find compensators to enable you to pass the tests while minimising the impact on your organisation.

  • Includes an element of change management which is essential to reduce resistance to the implementation of new internal rules.