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"Our software CYBERMANAGER and our "UBCOM Corporate Hackers" troublemakers are able to generate a cyber-security strategy, tailored to your company’s needs in less than 5 hours. 
And if you wish we can even implement it !

A know-how designed and operated by UBCOM


It is incidentally one of the few countries in the world where a company can produce sovereign information systems/software secured by constitutional law. [without being subjected to producing an export permit or even having to mention the names of its customers to market our offers].


Encryption is free there, with no reporting obligations or defined limits in the entropy of keys or factors. Some other partner countries are Germany, Luxembourg, France and the UK who have a different approach to data sovereignty, often complementing Swiss offers.

  • Deliver high value-added services

  • Benefit from a project culture focused on confidentiality

  • Protect your tactical and strategical data

  • Take advantage of a network of multilingual international experts