Protection du secret des affaires - UBCOM

Business secrecy protection

Défendre Intérêts Économiques - UBCOM

"UBCOM business involves producing trust, as well as independence, with the sole aim of defending the economic interests of our clients and thus enabling them to preserve their competitive advantages worldwide."
Frans Imbert-Vier


This solid experience in economic counterintelligence, complemented with our specific training in the treatment of "classified" data, and combined with the Swiss constitutional law, has allowed us to develop sovereign cyber-security strategies.


UBCOM offers high levels of resistance, sometimes even military ones, while at the same time enabling our customers to avoid being subjected to the constraints of a technology that is not very user-friendly, cumbersome and particularly expensive.

  • Designing "Secret Protection" strategies

  • Implementing IT architectures that respect your economic interests.

  • Deploying AI solutions for your SOC

  • Issuing sovereign encryption keys

  • Private, public or hybrid cloud brokerage

  • Raising awareness in top management about the culture of secrecy


It is incidentally one of the few countries in the world where a company can produce sovereign information systems/software secured by constitutional law. [without being subjected to producing an export permit or even having to mention the names of its customers to market our offers].


Encryption is free there, with no reporting obligations or defined limits in the entropy of keys or factors. Some other partner countries are Germany, Luxembourg, France and the UK who have a different approach to data sovereignty, often complementing Swiss offers.

  • Deliver high value-added services

  • Benefit from a project culture focused on confidentiality

  • Protect your tactical and strategical data

  • Take advantage of a network of multilingual international experts

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Blason phénix UBCOM Suisse
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UBCOM consultants have been trained and certified to use a large number of cyber security tools. They can easily analyze the "tool reports" and adapt their format to your company’s specific needs.

  • A list of actions to the operation teams

  • Dashboards to the CIOs and CISOs

Here is how we proceed for a scan of vulnerabilities [after integrating by ourselves the software]:

Connaître le réseau et ses spécificités - UBCOM

Learn about the network ans its specificities

Définir avec le client le résultat souhaité - UBCOM

Define with the client the desired result

Émettre un rapport d'outil au format brut - UBCOM

Issue a tool report in raw format

Analyser les données et identifier les vulnérabilités - UBCOM

Analyze data and identify vulnerabilities and their criticalities

Retraiter les données et adapter le rapport pour le client - UBCOM

Reprocess the data and adapt the report for the client

Suivre les actions des équipes opérationnelles - UBCOM

Monitor actions by operational teams