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Our Solutions

"Measures your cyber performance and maturity at a glance"

  • 80% of French companies do not have a robust incident response plan *

  • 86% of them do not have a robust incident response plan. still have not taken out a cyber insurance contract**


* Source CLUSIF

** IBM Ponemon Institute

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UBcom has developed for its customers, a service offering allowing to:

  • Perform a cyber flash audit of a company through a questionnaire: CyberManager

  • Evaluate your customers' vulnerabilities by a one-shot operation (and reproducible on demand): UBScan

  • Identify toxic flows likely to corrupt your customers' information system

  • Organize the remediation and upgrading of information systems to reduce technical debt

  • Protect systems & networks infrastructures of its customers through a range of solutions selected and labeled by us to improve performance and efficiency


Risk assessment 

Built from international standards:

    • COBIT

    • SOX

    • ITIL

    • ISO 27001

    • EBIOS

    • GDPR

  • Flexible, agile and adaptable tool

  • Possibility of adding specific regulations to regulated professional sectors on request

  • Supply of a scoring grid adapted to your risk assessment matrix

  • Customize reports to suit your context