A UBCOM atribui a sua etiqueta à INSPEERE, uma empresa francesa que protege as suas cópias de segurança de dados

A UBCOM atribui a sua etiqueta à INSPEERE, uma empresa francesa que protege as suas cópias de segurança de dados

UBCOM has announced that it has selected and certified the DATIS solution, published by the French company Inspeere. This decision was taken as part of UBCOM’s research and selection process for cybersecurity offers.
Inspeere is committed to the freedom and protection of users’ and organizations’ data. Data is the black gold of our century. The GAFAMs can use the data entrusted to them as they see fit and extract all the value from it. To meet these challenges, Inspeere has created a technological alternative, independent by construction, so that each saved data remains under the control of its owner no matter what happens.
Their mission: to ensure that your organization is the only one able to exploit its own data and reap all its benefits.
Convinced of the added value brought by the DATIS solution, the UBCOM agency rewards it for its three major assets:
– This solution is patented by the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)
– It is also sovereign by construction,
– Finally, the DATIS solution is eco-responsible, a major aspect for UBCOM.
Faced with the explosion of cyberattacks and ransomware, Inspeere has developed a system adapted to the current and future cybersecurity challenges. Today, cybercrime is worth 5500 billion Euros (the GDP of France and Germany combined), which is 15 times more than drug trafficking. It is only increasing. It is thus necessary to act immediately for the companies.
DATIS responds to these challenges. In concrete terms, all customers have a Datis Box in their premises which collects, records and stores the data to be protected. Once registered on this box, the data is automatically compressed, encrypted and fragmented before being dispersed, with redundancy, on the network of the customers’ Datis Boxes without ever having to use a data center.
The data can only be collected by its owner, making it impossible today for a backup to be contaminated by ransomware or suspicious flows. This solution fully exploits the potential of a peer-to-peer network driven, controlled and secured by its internal blockchain.

Inspeere was able to answer with clarity to the audit of sovereignty on the exploitation, the hosting and the legal ownership of the right holders. Totally independent from American and Chinese technologies, the DATIS solution is a 100% French product. Meeting specific criteria on data governance, storage location, operational maintenance and efficiency of the solution, Inspeere is certified by UBCOM for its operational sovereignty and functional relevance.
UBCOM recognizes that the features of Inspeere’s solution contribute to safeguarding sensitive and economic information assets and to improving recovery and remediation performance in the event of a cyber attack or IT incident. At a time when economic sovereignty is becoming a regalian and strategic issue, it was obvious for UBCOM to qualify Inspeere insofar as the conditions required on the legal and technical level to guarantee the sovereignty of the data managed by the company are in accordance with the objectives of the UBCOM label.
DATIS is a response to the digital independence and sovereignty that everyone can demand for their own data. This solution is a positive alternative to the large energy consuming centers. The measurements carried out show that DATIS is the least impacting solution on the market of secured backups with 17,3% in GHG emissions, 32% in primary energy consumption and 39,7% in depletion of natural abiotic resources. DATIS secures your data, guarantees your sovereignty and acts on your CSR objectives.
For Frans Imbert-Vier, CEO of UBCOM: “This labeling of Inspeere’s Datis solution is a source of pride for UBCOM. Having the opportunity to partner with a French player committed to the protection of user data is in line with the message conveyed by UBCOM”.
He adds: “We are pleased to include Inspeere in our catalog of solutions. The Datis Box is designed for small and medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises and will help raise awareness of cybersecurity issues in the future. The growing number of companies offering sovereign solutions is particularly motivating for the future and we hope that more and more French entrepreneurs will take action to develop this type of solution.
The official qualification in the UBCOM solutions catalog will take place during June 2022.

ABOUT INSPEERE – Inspeere is a company offering the only computer backup solution available to businesses and organizations at a single price regardless of the amount of data. Inspeere’s solution is based on many years of research within the I3S Laboratory, UMR CNRS.
www.inspeere.com – @inspeere

ABOUT UBCOM – UBCOM is a strategic consulting and secrecy protection agency created in 2014. UBCOM acts in cyber risk prevention and protects the tactical and strategic information asset of the economy. We advise and propose concrete solutions in cyber defense, cybersecurity in secrecy protection and digital sovereignty to protect the economic interests of European actors in the global market against economic intelligence and industrial espionage.
https://www.ubcom.eu/ – @ubcom.eu

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