Communication protection

Companies are at the mercy of cyber-risks but still minimize them too often. Strategic information, as soon as it is disclosed on standard communication tools, is at risk.

What is at stake in protecting my communications?

The life of a company depends on strategic decisions and data: a trade secret, the testimony of a key witness or the salary scale of your employees for example. These data are potential competitive advantages – if they are disclosed, your company is at risk. Industrial espionage or state threats are more common than we think.

0 % of techniques

intelligence used by the DGSE is for economic, industrial and scientific reasons and uses digital technology (smartphones, videoconferencing, messaging...)

Source: Report on the activities of the parliamentary delegation on intelligence for the year 2019-2020

0 % of companies

victims of economic espionage are SMEs and SMIs

Source: Central Directorate of Domestic Intelligence

Protect your communications with :

When key employees of the company exchange data or strategic decisions, it is necessary to use end-to-end encrypted means of communication. The exchanged elements pass through protected servers that allow only the sender and the recipient to access this data.
Imagine if your company’s future pivotal project ended up on your direct competitor’s desk. All it takes is a PowerPoint…

Zoom, Teams & co have revolutionized the way we communicate professionally during the pandemic. On the other hand, these unencrypted platforms are “open access”, a malicious person can enter your meeting room “unseen and unknown” only thanks to the invitation link. It is therefore essential to be able to authenticate the user when he connects to the meeting and to encrypt the video from end to end.

Un dossier envoyé par WhatsApp, un communiqué de presse transféré par sms ou encore des décisions stratégiques envoyées par vocaux, autant de façons de communiquer rapidement mais dangereusement. Travailler avec une messagerie instantanée est possible mais elle doit se faire sur une plateforme chiffrée de bout en bout pour éviter tous risques.

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