UBCOM world exclusivity

The first anti-deepfake videoconferencing solution

A sovereign, encrypted solution that incorporates a reinforced authentication system to verify the identity and reliability of callers in both audio and video.

Your sovereign cyber protection, reliable and adapted to your needs

Ensure the IT and financial security of your company by protecting your tools and data and training your teams.


Swiss sovereignty
at the service of your cybersecurity

Protect your financial and strategic interests on the international market
against economic intelligence and industrial espionage

Penal Warranty

The Swiss Confederation, by its article 273 of the penal code, understands data protection as an inalienable right, the non-respect of which is criminally reprehensible.

Guarantee of neutrality

Strategically, UBCOM has its headquarters in Switzerland so as not to be dependent on any international treaty and thus escape extraterritorial laws.

Full protection guarantee

No information relating to our customers can be transmitted in the name of any law. Switzerland, thanks to its independence and its unfailing sovereignty, ensures an inviolable protection.

Protect your organization from cyber risk at every level
with our 6 solutions

Device protection

Our computers, tablets as well as our smartphones have become the first target of hackers that need to be protected from cyber attacks.

Network analysis

Indispensable to our daily lives and to the world of work, our networks are our most precious means of collaboration and group communication that must be monitored and analyzed to avoid any unwanted intrusion.

Social engineering

Cybersecurity is nothing without social engineering. Don't let your team expose themselves and your business due to lack of resources and cyber knowledge.


As technologies evolve, so do regulations. Make sure that the systems and protocols used are secure and comply with the various standards, requirements and demands.

Protection infrastructure

An organization's IT infrastructure is not limited to the technology within its buildings-it extends to anything that can connect to its internal network, such as cloud resources and IoT.

Communication protection

To escape state surveillance, industrial espionage and sabotage, encryption solutions are our best allies.

Explore the world of cybercrime at a glance

Discover our real-time map of cyber attacks around the world


Take advantage of the France Relance Plan subsidies

The objective is to financially support the implementation of a cybersecurity strategy for public actors. In order to protect them from cyber attacks, UBCOM is a partner of France relance.

Analyze your environment and understand your needs

UBCOM’s cyber experts deal with a wide variety of environments to protect.
Introduce us to your organization and we will provide you with advice and service tailored to your business.

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