The regulations surrounding cybersecurity for organizations can be difficult to understand. It is essential to ensure that the systems and protocols used are secure and comply with the various standards, requirements and legal demands.

Why consider cyber compliance for my organization?

Regulatory compliance, in terms of cybersecurity and information systems, is a major concern for information systems.
While financial, legal and reputational consequences can result from not complying with legal requirements, many companies underestimate the importance of assessing their compliance and jeopardize the health of their organization.

0 % of malware

are delivered by mail

Source: Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report.

0 % of organizations

worldwide have experienced a cybersecurity incident due to technical debt

Source : Ninja one.

Assess and update your organization's compliance with :

The audit allows you to check and verify that your organization has cybersecurity policies in place to deal with all possible risks, and meets the standards imposed by law.
Not all organizations have trained and dedicated cybersecurity teams. That’s why UBCOM’s cyber experts offer a special support service using the Cybermanager™ tool.

In particular, the cyber consultants will perform:

  • An inventory of the security situation
  • An organizational and technical audit
  • An audit of your site and your partners’ sites
  • A PASSI audit (Information Systems Security Audit Providers)
  • A LPM (Military Programming Law) audit
  • An ISO27001 and ISO27002 audit;
  • A PCI-DSS audit
  • An HDS audit (Health Data Hosting).

The scan highlights weaknesses in various components of your organization. To strengthen your cybersecurity, the results obtained by the vulnerability scan (Ubscan™) will allow you to apply the necessary remediations to correct the detected flaws.

In particular, cyber consultants will perform a 3-level analysis, legal, technical and governance, based on the 6 pillars that make up your organization.

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