Device protection

Since your devices are part of your daily life – computers, tablets, smartphones – it becomes necessary to protect them to ensure the security of your data stored on them.

Why protect my devices?

Your devices follow you everywhere and are the first door of entry for hackers to penetrate your tools and steal your data.
Protecting your devices is then the first barrier to build to avoid any information leakage.

Only 0 % of Internet users

were using a VPN in 2022

Source: Statista
*estimated at 5 billion in total

0 billion

That's the number of IoT attacks worldwide between January and June 2021

Source : Tdwi

Protect all your devices with :

An anti-virus is a computer program designed to identify and block malicious software (malware), also known as viruses. The protection of your equipment by an anti-virus is one of the main security devices to ensure the protection of user’s data. Once installed, anti-virus software eliminates or reduces the risk of cyberattacks on the computer, phone or tablet that has access to the Internet.

Protecting devices implies by default the protection of web browsing itself. In other words, in order to protect them, web browsing security software alerts you to the malicious nature of a visited site and consequently protects you from phishing.
Phishing is a form of Internet fraud in which the fraudster pretends to be a known organization by using the name and logo of that organization in order to obtain information from you.

The use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a plus and protects any user on public networks by encrypting your Internet traffic and hiding your online identity.

By default, a computer’s hard drive is not encrypted. Thus, all data is accessible even without knowledge of the user’s password.
Encryption of data at rest makes the disk unreadable by any attacker. This protection method is an integral part of the process of protecting your devices.

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