Infrastructure protection

Financial, administrative and technological security is based on a sound and robust IT infrastructure.

Why should I protect my company's infrastructure?

As the heart of the organization’s system, a malfunction in the infrastructure can lead to a partial or total paralysis of your business.
The essence of an infrastructure is to help you improve communication, promote efficiencies and increase productivity.
This infrastructure includes all your data, access to your various terminals, your software, etc.

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More than one in two companies has been a victim of cybercrime

Source: CESIN 2022 Barometer

Nearly 0 % of corporate PCs

Affected by malware once in 2019 reinfected themselves in the same year

Source : CSO online

Protect your organization's infrastructure with :

Governance Order:
Your IT infrastructure is governed by decisions, rules and practices that aim to secure and control all of your data. It is necessary for a company to be able to map this data and to be able to legally and strategically support the decisions taken. For example, it is essential from a European perspective that your company complies with the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation).

Technical order:
From a purely technical point of view, protecting your data covers you against data exfiltration otherwise known as DLP (Data Loss Prevention). Ransomware is also one of the main threats that can lead to the destruction or alteration of your data. This is why we recommend setting up a backup in a sovereign cloud that also allows you to restore your data.

Active Directory (AD) is a database and set of services that authorize access to network resources needed by employees to perform their jobs.
Its necessity is vital. It allows to confirm the identity of the employee who connects behind each session thanks to his login and password for example. But also and above all, to assign him the rights and privileges necessary for his activities and responsibilities.

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