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The agency advises and offers concrete solutions in cyber defense, cybersecurity, secrecy protection and digital sovereignty. Its mission is to protect the economic interests of European players on the global market against economic intelligence and industrial espionage.

Why join UBCOM?

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Every day, its president and staff take action to defend and protect the data of private and public companies.

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The agency's agility and disruption allow it to defend both small and large companies.

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Cybersecurity is an industry of enthusiasts. Come and share its values with a team that looks like you.

The cybersecurity agency presented by
its CEO Frans and Director of Operations Olivier.

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UBCOM's values


Strategically, UBCOM is headquartered in Switzerland where data protection is enshrined in the Constitution as an inalienable right. UBCOM’s experts rely on mutual trust, which is essential for a good analysis of the infrastructure to be protected.


With 15 years of experience, UBCOM’s cyber experts are constantly on the lookout to advise you on the best solutions on the market. Their objective: to gain your trust so that you can benefit from unparalleled confidentiality.


Whatever your activity or the size of your organization, the agency’s experts know how to meet your needs with adapted solutions, thanks to a deep analysis of your technological and human environment.