Network analysis

Are you interested in ensuring the security of your organization’s network? Take a look inside your IT network and see in real time the cyber threats perpetrated against it.

Why analyze my organization's computer network?

An organization’s computer network (data communication network or DCN) is essential to its proper functioning. It allows its teams to collaborate easily thanks to a common space in which to share information.
Unfortunately, this network can constitute yet another entry point for hackers and thus characterize the propagation environment of a cyber attack. Analyzing it means making sure that it is in good health and thus guaranteeing the security of everything that circulates on it.

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two cyber attacks per day targeted healthcare institutions in France

Source: NSA Computer Security Experts

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are victims of cyber attacks are VSEs/SMEs

Source: CNIL 2021 Activity Report

Ensure the security of your network with :

A firewall is a device that enforces network security policy. Next-generation firewalls are capable of detecting and blocking sophisticated attacks by applying security rules at the application level, as well as at the port or communication protocol level.

Many toxic flows circulate between the organization’s network and the Internet, in one direction or the other. Analyzing and filtering these toxic flows that can alter, destroy or steal your data is the best solution to protect your network. The traceability and identification of these threats greatly facilitates the task and the company can then focus on implementing corrective actions to remedy the weaknesses.

Behavioral network analysis consists of detecting threats or attacks in real time based on known network behavior using artificial intelligence. It also allows the detection of weak signals upstream of an attack and responds automatically.

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