A head office in Switzerland to protect your data

A head office in Switzerland to protect your data

UBCOM is a strategic cybersecurity and secrecy consulting agency headquartered in Switzerland. Our commitment is to digital sovereignty and to guaranteeing the operational independence of solutions and the protection of information systems.

Advice and recommendations are always elaborated and guided by the concern for sovereignty, which has become an essential principle in the development of solutions.
Its Swiss nationality allows it to benefit from the protection of secrecy guaranteed by the Swiss Constitution. It should be noted that Swiss law is one of the strictest in the world in terms of personal data protection.

The protection of secrecy refers to the protection of privacy and personal data, as well as the protection of professional secrecy in certain sectors, such as the medical and legal fields. The Swiss Constitution also protects the privacy and guarantees the respect of personal data of Swiss citizens, and allows Swiss companies to extend this right to all their customers. It stipulates in particular that “everyone has the right to the protection of his or her private and family sphere, as well as to protection against the misuse of his or her personal data”. This provision is complemented by specific data protection laws, which ensure that the personal data of Swiss citizens are treated with the utmost care and respect for their privacy.

In addition, the Swiss Constitution also protects professional secrecy in certain sectors, such as the medical and legal fields. Professionals in these sectors are required to respect professional secrecy and not to disclose confidential information about their clients or patients, except in certain specific circumstances, such as the legal obligation to disclose information to competent authorities.

Beyond the regulatory aspect, Switzerland is also recognized for its commitment to IT security. The Swiss government has a number of national security programs in place to help protect critical infrastructure and businesses from cyber threats. The country has also established state-of-the-art research and development centers to improve IT security capabilities.

Finally, there are training programs to help IT security professionals upgrade their skills. Training programs and conferences are regularly held to help IT security professionals develop the skills needed to detect and prevent cyber threats.

It is for all these reasons that UBCOM is a unique cybersecurity agency where the interests that come first are those of our clients.

We are proud to be part of a confederation that is so committed to protecting secrecy and we recognize ourselves in its values.

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