The first French solution OXIBOX that protects your data backups, labeled UBCOM

The first French solution OXIBOX that protects your data backups, labeled UBCOM

UBCOM announces that it has selected and certified the Oxibox Plug-and-Protect solution developed by Oxibox. The first French innovation offering a backup solution that guarantees the integrity of these backups, the first targets of cyber attacks, to very small businesses. This decision was taken as part of UBCOM’s research and selection process for cybersecurity offers.

Convinced of the added value provided by the backup data protection solution developed by Oxibox, the UBCOM agency rewarded it for its three major assets

Sovereignty: Oxibox’s offer is the first totally sovereign backup data protection solution. With a source code developed in France and an equity capitalization held by EU citizens, Oxibox operates its solution on its own servers in France: in Vitry-sur-Seine and in Toulouse. The source code has been subject to a Security by Design policy limiting the existence of zero-day vulnerabilities.
The 100% resilient methodology: Backups are the first target of cybercriminals to paralyze the company and maximize their gain. Oxibox protects this asset with a new generation backup in full compliance with ANSSI recommendations. Backup data is encrypted at the source and isolated from the production network to make it invisible and immutable, particularly in the face of ransomware, the number one cyber risk for companies.
Enhanced security: Companies that are fortunate enough to have a firewall are not always fortunate enough to have enhanced protection for their backups. An integrated and verified backup set is the only solution for the company to resume its activity in case of ramsomware. The native encryption imposed on the datasets prevents data leakage (Dataleaks). The extremely agile solution allows any company to implement a resilient and perfectly functional backup strategy on a technical and legal level.

Finally, Oxibox was able to respond clearly to the sovereignty audit which reassures the customer about the operation, hosting and legal ownership of the rights holders. Totally independent of American and Chinese technologies, the Oxibox Plug-and-Protect Solution is a 100% European and French product.

Meeting specific criteria on issues of data governance, storage location, operational maintenance and solution efficiency, Oxibox receives certification from UBCOM for its operational sovereignty and functional relevance.

UBCOM thus recognizes that the features of the solution proposed by Oxibox contribute to safeguarding the sensitive and economic information assets of the company and to improving the performance of recovery and remediation in case of a cyber attack or computer incident.

At a time when economic sovereignty is becoming a regal and strategic issue, it was obvious for UBCOM to qualify Oxibox insofar as the legal and technical requirements to guarantee the sovereignty of the data managed by the company are in line with the objectives of the UBCOM label.

For Frans Imbert-Vier, CEO of UBCOM:A nimble, low-commitment solution to complement cyber prevention tools has long been expected. Now an SMB can engage its insurer with confidence that it can resume business easily in the event of a crippling cyber attack.”

He says: “We are pleased to include Oxibox in our catalog of solutions. This makes Oxibox the first backup data protection offering that secures backup data at the storage level: with easy deployment in middleware, independent of the customer’s infrastructure. This solution is completely autonomous and remotely configurable, for a cost that allows VSEs/SMEs to benefit from a very professional and sovereign level of support.”

The official qualification in the UBCOM solutions catalog will take place during May 2022.

About Oxibox – Oxibox is a French publisher of cyber-resilience solutions for VSEs/SMEs and local authorities since 2014. Oxibox allows companies to restart their systems immediately in the event of an attack.

Their solution can be deployed within an existing backup infrastructure, or in a turnkey format to secure non-equipped structures in less than 30 minutes. – @OxiboxEN

About UBCOM – UBCOM is a strategic consulting and secrecy protection agency created in 2014. UBCOM acts in cyber risk prevention and protects the tactical and strategic information asset of the economy. We advise and propose concrete solutions in cyber defense, cybersecurity in secrecy protection and digital sovereignty to protect the economic interests of European players in the global market against economic intelligence and industrial espionage. –