Cyber alert for a general mobilization

Cyber alert for a general mobilization

This weekend, the Ministry of the Interior announced the mobilization of all prefects for an anti-cyber attack shield. These announcements follow an intelligence alert about an imminent series of mass cyber attacks targeting the entire European territory.

Last night, a community of Ukrainian hackers compromised sensitive information about their former Russian cybercriminal allies. This information reveals the existence of a cyber arsenal with bombs ready to explode in the coming hours.

For its part, UBCOM is keeping a close eye on its 450 probes that it holds in 6 European Union countries. Before the attack in Ukraine, 5 to 10 toxic flows were coming back on average daily. Then, 5 hours before the attack, 90,000 toxic flows came up on the probes and reached 160,000. In the last few days, the toxic flows have decreased, leaving a sinuosity no less threatening. UBCOM hypothesizes the use of the wave method: any attack which seems to weaken withdraws to come back and crash again.

Faced with what looks like a confirmed risk of cyberwar, the Secretary of State for Digital, the ANSSI, the Comcyber of the DGGN and have yet to deliver any technical information that can neither help in resistance nor in combat. It is inconceivable to believe that the French, German and English services do not have any technical information that would allow for risk prevention at a time when millions of businesses and individuals in Europe are at risk.

We once again urge the ANSSI and the ComCyber to communicate all the technical elements and countermeasures that would allow companies to protect themselves from a proven risk, considering that the economic and social side effects will be incalculable (Cf. open letter to the Prime Minister for the lifting of the defense secrecy on IOC).

For its part, UBCOM, its partners and the public authorities are mobilized and are ready to be requisitioned in Luxembourg, France and Switzerland to provide assistance to the Operators of Vital Importance (OIV), to the Operators of Essential Services (OSE) as well as to companies and communities. Furthermore, we invite digital service companies to contact their customers to reduce any digital exposure, check backup systems and wait for instructions from the authorities.


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