France at the forefront of a cyberwar. Open letter to the Prime Minister

France at the forefront of a cyberwar. Open letter to the Prime Minister

In a context of heightened geopolitical tensions, opportunistic cyber attacks have been pouring in since this morning from all over the world to France and its European allies.
The European banking supervision system has already called on European banks to strengthen their vigilance against the risk of escalation according to François Villeroy, Governor of the Bank of France. UBCOM accuses for its part of detections on its probes of more than 90,000 malicious flows in 24 hours, while it reported 10 a few days ago.

Frans Imbert-Vier, CEO of UBCOM and Cyrille Elsen, CIO of SERENICITY, invite from now on, to those who can to update all possible systems, especially firewalls, by monitoring these sensitive devices on an hourly basis. hourly monitoring of this sensitive equipment. In addition, minimizing exchanges is strongly recommended, as well as raising awareness among all employees about increased vigilance.

In an open letter to the Prime Minister, UBCOM and SERENICITY urge the Prime Minister to lift the
Secret Défense on the description files held by the ANSSI and reserved for Operators of Vital Importance
(OIV) and Essential Services Operators. These files, which are necessary to reinforce the means of defense against sophisticated computer attacks must be made accessible to all cybersecurity actors acting on behalf of French for French companies (small and medium-sized businesses, large corporations, local authorities, etc.) who request them.

In the continuity of the dynamics established by the cyber campuses and following the last ANSSI press release that “the implementation of cybersecurity measures and the reinforcement of the level of vigilance are essential”, please support our call for support our call to lift the Secret Defense on the Indicators of Compromise (IOC) files so that everyone can
so that everyone can benefit.

Together, let’s protect our cyberspace!

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