UBCOM and Aleph combine their expertise to protect the assets of companies at risk

UBCOM and Aleph combine their expertise to protect the assets of companies at risk

UBCOM, a strategic consulting and secrecy protection agency, announces that it has selected and labeled the Aleph Search Dark solution, the first French search engine and analysis reference of Dark & Deep webs. This decision is taken within the framework of the research and selection process of cybersecurity offers carried out by UBCOM.

Thanks to this new labeling, Aleph, editor of the Aleph Search Dark solution, and Ubcom will be able to collaborate and propose to the market a 360° offer that guarantees their customers the security of their cyber data AND the monitoring of their strategic assets—a unique offer on the need to protect all companies at risk.


Aleph, labeled by UBCOM
The development of economic intelligence and industrial espionage has revealed the need for sufficiently powerful and relevant tools to process, within a legal framework, large volumes of data relating to individuals as well as organizations.
Thanks to its patented technology, Aleph offers organizations the power to monitor all strata of the web (Clear, Deep, and Dark Webs) but also private and published databases, loT (…) to allow them to exploit the information available in open source and transform it into operational or strategic recommendations and enrich decision making.

“The solution developed by Aleph is the only offer on the market capable of producing an investigation in OSINT format within a legal framework while at the same time having the capacity to qualify the information published across the various layers of the web. To date, no independent French engine is covering such a perimeter and offering such analysis functionalities in compliance with laws and regulations,explains Frans Imbert-Vier, CEO of UBCOM.

“Aleph Search Dark works like a watchtower. 

This solution allows us to quickly understand the environment of a company to protect it better. It helps to search for traces of illicit data on the Dark & Deep web and also allows to produce cartography of these areas of the net to identify clusters of influence and the search for certain structuring elements. This technology is also used to map the influence links and the exchanges between competitors and suppliers.


Aleph Search Dark allows:

  • Identify actual data leaks from an information system, the front office, communication tools, or connected objects;
  • to monitor the company’s strategic assets (people, personal data, confidential documents…)
  • and thus detect an information theft, a malicious action, a geopolitical risk…

Convinced of the added value brought by the Aleph Search Dark solution to feed its offer, the cybersecurity agency UBCOM rewards it for its three significant assets:

  • a unique and patented solution;
  • a sovereign solution by construction, produced, operated, and financed in France by an exclusively European team;
  • A solution that provides accurate information to limit risks manages its digital presence and influences networks without breaking access to private databases or collecting protected data.

 “Aleph Search Dark works like a watchtower: it is an ideal tool to ensure the surveillance of strategic assets such as people or documents. Indeed, there is a monitoring system of facts that may seem insignificant at first sight but that, in reality, and in a very concrete way, can generate an attack surface that puts the company in danger. This is where Aleph intervenes to pilot these Cyber risks,declares Victor Raffour, Aleph’s Deputy General Manager.

Ubcom & Aleph’s expertise to meet the DORA regulation

The new European DORA regulation on digital operational resilience requires financial institutions and ICT (information and communication technology) service providers operating in the European Union in financial services to be able to continue providing services. At the same time, they may experience a cyber attack or incident.

To meet this need, the Aleph Seach Dark solution, certified by UBCOM, has given birth to a new offer of cyber support for organizations’ compliance. Thanks to a powerful scan and a deep analysis of the environment, the offer designed by UBCOM’s cyber experts in partnership with Aleph allows us to identify and monitor all the risks incurred by the organization (data leak, vip threat, image, reputation…). The complementary expertise of Aleph and UBCOM offers a complete action plan from risk mapping, team awareness, supervision and monitoring of strategic assets, economic intelligence study, and OSINT of its environment to ensure the resilience of the organization.


For Frans Imbert-Vier, “The labeling of Aleph’s Search Dark solution is a source of pride for UBCOM. The cutting-edge technology developed by its engineers reflects French know-how and meets a real need highlighted by recent cases of economic intelligence such as the “Team Jorge” scandal revealed by the Forbidden Stories consortium.


And UBCOM’s CEO concludes: “We are pleased to announce the distribution of Aleph’s solution through our various agencies in France, Switzerland, Benelux, and Portugal. This aims to protect the assets of these territories by supporting our customers in implementing their intangible asset protection and preparing them for future DORA regulations. It will also enrich our local partners’ service catalogs.”


See you at the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) in Lille, from April 5 to 7, 2023,

to attend the official qualification of Aleph in the UBCOM solutions catalog.  A speech about the solution is also scheduled.


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